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About Easyairport Oxford Taxi Service

Easyairport Oxford Taxi Service is a fully licensed private hire service, meaning our vehicles are inspected every six months by the local authority. We operate a modern fleet of vehicles and we do all we can to make the vehicles as efficient as possible through our driving habits. At oxford taxi we offer long and short-term hire of chauffeurs and vehicles, ranging from our Classic cars for weddings to our larger deluxe multiple-passenger vehicles. So, You can book any type of vehicle you want EasyAirport Taxi is available 24/7 to serve you.

Easyairport Oxford Taxi Service is a luxury high-end vehicle and personal hire chauffeur service based in Oxfordshire, UK. we have served local and international clients for over 20 years, earning an enviable reputation for consistently delivering the highest standards in the profession. Our valued Clients operate in varied environments and expect absolute privacy and security. we are seasoned operators within the company world providing premium personal hire services for business professionals who wish to keep their businesses on the move.

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Every vehicle on Booking page is listed with the capacity of passengers and luggage. Please choose your vehicle wisely. If you still confused with the capacity of passengers and luggage you can call office or chat with us directly for the suggestion. If there is a situation you have less persons and more luggage and more persons and more luggage please do not hesitate to contact our support.

Easy Airport Transfer will accept your request for the cancellation of the booking. The cancellation charges will apply only when the vehicle is sent to the pickup location for your journey. We do not apply additional charges if the vehicle is in the control room.

Additional charges will certainly apply when the driver reaches the pickup location and the customer requests the cancellation of the booking. Charges will be applied to compensate for the distance travelled and time spent by the driver. We emphasize timely cancellation of booking to avoid cancellation charges.

Advance booking is preferable. We encourage it only to prevent the occurrence of inconveniences and unwanted delays. It will be better to pre-book our minicab / Airport transfer service at least 24 hours prior to your travelling time. If you are unsure about your flight timings, you can conduct a call with our representative to discuss the issue. Moreover, if you require an 8-seater or over then you are supposed to inform us or place a reservation at least 72 hours before the journey time. This is because our minibuses and minivans are always in demand. It is safer to book our services in advance so that there are no hindrances due to passenger traffic.

You can cancel the booking with Easy Airport Transfer conveniently Even if the driver is dispatched to your pickup location. Follow the below-mentioned method for cancellation of booking: Contact our customer assistance services team by calling on +44(0)1865682902. Immediately inform the operator about the cancellation of the booking. You will be asked to provide accurate details regarding pick-up and drop-off locations, flight number, booking number, date and time. You will be informed promptly whether the vehicle was dispatched to your pick-up location or was in the control room. Your ride with Easy Airport Transfer will be cancelled without incurring additional charges.

If you have lost something during your journey with us, we will take complete responsibility for your belongings. We will hand over the lost item to our office. You can take away the item anytime from our office. Alternatively, we can send the item to your doorstep through our drivers by arranging a convenient date /time. You must inform us through call or email about your lost item so that our team starts searching for it. For four weeks, your item is stored in our office. If it remains unclaimed, we will send your belongings to the police station in close vicinity of our office.

When you choose to travel with us then we will take care of your travel-related needs. If your flight is diverted to another airport, please let us immediately through call or email. Being an efficient minicab / Airport transfer service company, we will promptly modify your booking. In order to prevent mishaps and inconveniences, you are requested to keep us updated so that adjustments are made on time. In case of flight deferral, please provide the new flight number.

The service charges of our minicab / Airport service can be paid through a Debit Card, Credit Card, or cash payment to the driver. Note that all drivers will have card machines with them.